Alex Silva

Pastor Alex Silva has shepherded the Fisherman’s Net for over 40 years and continues to do so with conviction, love, and the desire to lead our congregation toward meaningful and fulfilling relationships with Jesus Christ.

“My commitment to my Lord and this congregation is deep, spanning more than forty years.  I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ on February 4, 1970, the same evening I met Frank Majewski.  I was ready at nineteen to turn from a life of sin and recklessness to follow Him.  I attended the evangelistic meetings led by Frank and the evening Scripture studies offered to help us learn Scripture.  I wanted to grow, be with other Christians, and share my faith.  This shared desire led Frank and several of us to Bethesda Temple in Detroit where Pastor Beall began teaching us.  I then received my Bible training there and sang with the choir.  I became the pastor of our church, the Fisherman’s Net, in 1975 after we began a Sunday service.  I was ordained through the Assemblies of God International Fellowship.”