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Our Story

The Fisherman’s Net Christian Church was founded in February of 1970 through Frank Majewski–a man who became very familiar with God’s mercy in his life.

Frank was involved in a lifestyle on the streets and developed a well-known persona among local police in the Warren area. Frank’s life changed dramatically after sustaining a gunshot wound to the face. Lying on a gurney in the hospital that night as a young teenager, Frank realized he had a choice to make. He could continue a life filled with destruction and turmoil, or turn his life around. Frank decided to pursue a positive life worth living but not for himself; instead, Frank decided to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ and share the love and hope He brings.

As a barber, Frank shared his testimony with local customers curious about this newfound faith. After receiving permission from the shop owner, Frank started Bible studies after hours in the evenings. Week by week, Frank’s meetings increased in numbers–some nights gathering dozens of customers and friends. He soon realized that a different venue for these meetings was necessary, so he relocated to vacant property behind the Warren City Hall.

More and more young people came to know the Lord through these meetings. Frank then approached the pastor of St. Sylvester’s Church and asked to use their social hall. The Friday night meetings drew hundreds, week in and week out, to hear the message of Christ. The Fisherman’s Net became incorporated in 1973 and formed the Fisherman’s Net Church in 1975.

Finally, in 1987, the Fisherman’s Net Church moved to its current location in Utica where we continue our legacy by spreading the Gospel.

A book was written by Sally Zito about Frank’s life and the events that brought him to Christ. The title of the book is, Bring Him to Me: The Frank Majewski Story and is available on Amazon.com.