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Fisherman’s Net Church
46026 Cass Avenue, Utica, MI 48317


Concerning the Covid-19 Virus

We daily receive news reports concerning the Coronavirus. It is widespread and those infected include residents of S.E. Michigan and extend to members of our community. We all share the possibility of contracting the virus. We know Covid-19 is not automatically life threatening and most do recover. Still, it is a health concern and we are advised to use caution in public.

To our knowledge no one has contracted this virus and knowingly attended church or any Net sponsored event. The very few we know who contracted or came in contact with Covid-19 acted responsibly. They quarantined themselves upon being alerted of possible exposure. We were notified. Each person then underwent testing and the few whose results were positive continued quarantining themselves until the required 14 days had lapsed. Coping with the pandemic is made difficult because symptoms do not always readily appear. Those persons with health concerns are able to view the service live on our Facebook page or view it later since it is recorded.

As we move into the cold and flu season, we ask anyone experiencing cold or virus symptoms to refrain from attending church and Net sponsored activities. We remind those healthy individuals entering our church building or Net events to maintain

6-foot social distancing. Also, face coverings and gloves are available on a table near the rear entrance. Thank you, Church, for your cooperation in all of this. We pray to God for His continued protection and the wisdom to use the necessitated caution.

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