2016 Tithes

If you wish your end of the year tithes to be included on your 2016 contribution statement, please date your check or cash envelope December 31st or earlier.  Tithe checks dated 2017 will be added to next year’s reports for tax purposes. If you have any questions, please call Margaret at the Net office. 586-254-5210


Sunday School Aides Needed

Linda Mazek is looking for aides for the 2-1/2-4 year old classroom and for the 4-1/2 –1st grade classroom. If you would like to volunteer, please contact her at 586-604-5587.


Lost and Found

We would like to clean out our Lost and Found area for year-end.  The items are displayed and in the box in the kitchen on the left side as you enter the door.  Please check and make sure there is nothing that belong to you.  All items will be donated to Goodwill after January 8th.  Items include printer ink cartridges, a child’s tennis shoe, a basketball, a teapot and numerous lost Bibles.